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Best bay album of 2007 so far. Reviewer: ABS-VP A&R/Atlantic Records

"This Sophomore Album is much better than the Debut. He has found a way to get some of the bay area's biggest stars on the album. Jacka, San Quinn, Turf Talk, newcomer Kalasol, and more.(Where is Keak, & Mistah F.A.B)? Roundaway Girl is a radio hit. He also has most of the album produced by 4th Quarter. This dude is hot. 4qmusic, we are looking for you on myspace. Good job Deep C. You are definitely on your way!" Aaron-VP A&R/Atlantic Records

Deep C & 4th Qtr have combined to make a classic album must buy, Reviewer: Geto All Star Mag

"Get this cd, just put it in and let it play. Deep C has combined rugged street lyrics with a gritty ghetto story line. He also has a cast of great features from getting hyphy with Turf Talk to a club banger, trading hot 16's with the infamous Kalasol. Deep C & 4th Quarter team up to beat up your trunks, and house speakers."

Reviewer: Anonymous

Genetikz is by far the best cd I've bought this year. If you're a bay area rap fan, or even if you're not, you're gonna love this one. It's hard to find an artist that can put out a cd with great beats AND lyrics on every song... but somehow he did it. Love the features too. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewer: Jackpot

This CD makes me love ta be a rap-artist! I get pictures painted with DEEP-C'S subjects, and the hunger in is vocal delivery! This entire Cee-dee is a GO!!! It's amazing ta witness this cat in the studio, or on stage rappin wit him! I send nothin but complements!!! This is a must have for everybody!!! Deep-C is a rare, one of a kind master of the mic. Demand ta hear this!!! We in the bay-area rap community have always dug this man's music.

Reviewer: E

From the originality of his beats to the creativity in his lyrical content, Deep C's unique sound keeps you captivated throughout the entire album Genetikz. If you enjoy bay area rap this is a must buy. Just listen to it, it's amazing.

Reviewer: Cali Angel

Genetikz is by far the best of the best for yay area rap albums this year. Every track brings heat for yo ass!! A definite must have if you know anything about the west coast and the bay. Yeeeeee!!!!!!! If you are ever lucky enough to watch this man perform you will see more passion and drive for the love of the music than you ever thought possible.You will not be disappointed when you purchase this one to add to the collection of west coast classics.The lyrics are a definite story that needs to be told. Keep givin it to us DEEP C... much love - CALIFORNIA ANGEL -


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