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New album "Dragonskin" coming in late 08'

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May 31st @ Motherlode Fair in Sonora, Ca



California-- Hot on the heels of 2007’s Genetikz, Deep C has set early 2009 as the drop date for Dragon Skin, his latest album that promises even more inner strength and very introspective, thoughtful lyrics.
Since releasing his cricitally-acclaimed Genetikz, Deep C says his style has shifted somewhat to reflect his growth as a person and an artist.
“My music and lyrics now are more spiritual, but remain ‘street’ and is still very balanced,” he says. “I’m excited about this upcoming record because it promotes feeling, sensing and adopting freedom within a freedom.”

Genetikz and the single “Deeper Than You” gained national exposure through September 7th Cali Untouchable DJs Western Hospitality Vol. 2 Mixtape, which was nominated for New York’s “Justo” award.



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