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New album "Dragonskin" coming in late 08'

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May 31st @ Motherlode Fair in Sonora, Ca



“Music meant everything to me then, and it still does,” he confesses. “I sacrificed a lot to align my life and goals with what I wanted to do musically. From junior high on, my rapping style was to experience something first, then write about it.”
Lyrical inspiration for Deep C comes from wanting to pay tribute to his departed grandmother, and a deceased cousin, both of whom were important and influential to him in his younger years. God, he also says, is his number one inspiration. Deep C says it is both a struggle and an honor to try and deliver God’s messages through music.
As a recording artist, Deep C’s debut was the single “Fallen Cardz” on a Lay em’ Down Productions’ compilation in 2000. His first full-length recording was Translationz in 2003, with the critically acclaimed 2007 follow-up Genetikz. Deep C’s next album is nearing release and is tentatively titled Dragon Skin.    
Deep C says his main motivation as an artist is to “bring back balance and originality to rap, and to inspire fans to exceed their expectations for what they thought was possible in their own world.”
As one of the masters of the genre of Reality Rap, Deep C says his style has shifted a bit lately “to be more spiritual, but remaining ‘street’ and always being balanced.”
“My style of music – this genre of rap – it’s exciting because it promotes feeling, sensing and adopting freedom within a freedom. It’s proof that anyone can make it, no matter who you are and what background you come from.”



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