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New album "Dragonskin" coming in late 08'

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May 31st @ Motherlode Fair in Sonora, Ca



Music rapidly filled his thoughts and dreams in the fifth and sixth grade. He was into all the rap and hip hop heavyweights of the day – NWA, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Tupac and the originators like Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and Curtis Blow.  For him, feeling different because of his strong drive to be creative seemed like the perfect reason to combine creativity and musical talent with his one strong academic gift: He had an extensive vocabulary and always scored A’s in English.
Simply feeling “different” because of his creative interests wasn’t the only obstacle he had to overcome as a kid. Initially, his first instinct is to gloss over what he refers to as “dealing with nightmare after nightmare that really tested my core,” but after reflecting on his past, he offers up details that shed more light on his formative years.
He once witnessed an interracial street brawl that ended in murder, and he grew up having to dodge crazed PCP addicts that lined his block.
“The SWAT team was constantly in my neighborhood,” he says. “One of my good friends was found dead in a Jack in The Box garbage dumpster.”
Deep C hints that there are some traumatic events from his teenage years that are too painful to reveal, even as an adult.
His high level of reading and writing skills made rapping seem like a natural move for the young Deep C. Together with Boo Manson – who he calls his mentor – the pair wrote and rapped together and formed a group called New State of Mind.



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