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New album "Dragonskin" coming in late 08'

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May 31st @ Motherlode Fair in Sonora, Ca




As a grown man of 31 years old, Northern California-based rapper Deep C looks back humorously on his first young attempt to be a rap star.
“I can still remember writing one of my first raps to that old school song ‘Jam on It’ in which I made a low budget video for a school assignment in seventh grade.”

His small-time budget called for big-time seventh grade improvising.  For the video’s backdrop, he used a sheet of cardboard to draw a fake brick foundation complete with street-style graffiti tagging. Wardrobe for the video shoot consisted of a Puma sweatshirt and a fisherman’s hat sporting a leather-painted African medallion.
While he can smile about it now, he says there was nothing funny about the way he felt growing up in East Los Angeles.
“I struggled through elementary school and junior high because my main focus wasn’t academics,” he says. “I loved basketball, football, swimming, talent shows and playing pool, but it was music that was it for me.”
Perhaps music and creativity were in his genes. While Deep C didn’t see his father growing up, he knew his dad was a bass player and the unofficial leader of Edwin Star and the Dynamic Concepts, a major label funk band from the 1970s
“I had a natural preference for creativity – like reading books, writing songs and playing music – over what the other kids my age were into,” he continues. “I felt different, and I was different.”



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